We are only able to provide scans to persons over the age of 18

All of our scans are performed by professional sonographer

Early pregnancy scan

Early Pregnancy Scan

Performed between 6 and 11 weeks
The main purpose of the scan:
  • To determine the location of the pregnancy
  • To determine the number of the gestations
  • To confirm viability (to visualise fetal heartbeat)
  • To obtain fetal measurements to provide gestational age and provisional due date
What will I get?
  • 10 – 15-minute appointment time
  • A dating and assessment report with fetal biometry
  • One 2D black and white thermal print
  • Digital images and mini video clips sent to your email
  • A possible transvaginal/internal scan if views are not clear

  *No GP referral required
**No extra fees for twins with this package only


We ask you to have a full bladder so that a transabdominal scan gives us best possible visualisation and information, we recommend that you drink at least 0.5 litre of water before your scan. If possible, please refrain from emptying your bladder just before your scan.

Please note that this examination may be carried out as transvaginal (through the vagina), but if the gestation is 10+ weeks the scan may well be completed as transabdominal (through the abdomen). If we cannot acquire all the information we need from this scan by transabdominal approach you’ll be asked to empty your bladder so that a transvaginal scan can be undertaken.

Why is this scan important?
  • This scan is important for women who have experienced pain or bleeding in the early stage of the pregnancy
  • It is useful for those who have history of ectopic pregnancy or possibly are unsure of the date of their last period
  • Have a history of miscarriage or want reassurance
  • People interested in their due date, our sonographer will give you your weeks of pregnancy and therefore potential due date