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We are only able to provide scans to persons over the age of 18

Women's Wellbeing Scan

Information about the transvaginal ultrasound scan

Your doctor has referred you for a transvaginal ultrasound scan. This is an internal examination, which usually causes no or minimal discomfort and it is much easier to tolerate than a smear test. Transvaginal scans provide very clear images of pelvic organs, which enable accurate diagnosis of many gynecological abnormalities.

Vaginal bleeding does not affect the quality of scan. Transvaginal scans are also safe to perform in early pregnancy. However, vaginal scans are not performed on young children or on women who have not had sexual intercourse. In these circumstances a transabdominal scan is more appropriate. Transabdominal scans have to be performed with a full bladder and it is necessary for patients to drink approximately two pints of water an hour before your appointment time.

You will our sonographers working at UltraCare Plus, who will discuss briefly with you reasons for having a scan. The sonographer will also briefly discuss with you your past gynecological and medical history, which helps to plan the examination better and to improve the quality of diagnosis.

You will be asked to empty your bladder prior to the scan.

When you are settled on the examination bed, the examiner will insert the tip of the ultrasound probe into the vagina. This probe is thoroughly cleaned prior to the examination with disinfectants, which remove even the most resistant bacteria and viruses such as MRSA and HIV. The probe is then covered with a fresh latex probe cover and sterile K-Y jelly. If you are allergic to latex please let us know, so that we can use non-latex gloves and probe covers.

During the scan we will explain the findings to you and reflect this in your report which you can take back to your doctor. If you wish you may follow the examination on the screen of the ultrasound machine and ask any questions that you may have. Should you find the examination uncomfortable, please say so, and the examiner will stop the scan.

Once the scan is completed you will have a chance to ask more questions about the diagnosis and what may happen next.

The report also can be sent to your email on the same day. Should you wish, you can be given a copy of your report and images.