We are only able to provide scans to persons over the age of 18

All of our scans are performed by professional sonographer

Gender Scan

Performed at 16+ weeks

The main purpose of the scan is to check the wellbeing of your baby as well as to confirm their sex; with a 4D preview if your baby is in a satisfactory position. Please tell the Sonographer at the start of your appointment if you want the gender concealed during your scan.

What will I get?
  • 10 minute appointment time
  • Confirm the fetal viability and hear your baby’s heartbeat
  • Baby wellbeing report
  • Sexing of baby
  • Two 2D thermal photo prints
  • 4D preview of your baby (not guaranteed, depends on conditions)
  • Digital images and mini video clips sent to your email
  • A required booking from 16 to 36 weeks’ gestation

We can determine accurately the gender of your baby.

It should be noted that no ultrasound can provide 100% confirmation as some fetuses can be ambiguous, it entirely depends on your baby’s position and conditions. To help the result be as accurate as possible, we ask you to walk around and move your baby into a different position if they are not 100% confident. You can do this in the scan room, as well as that we will also require you to come with a full bladder to get better scan pictures and accurate conclusions.

We ask you to have a full bladder so that a transabdominal scan gives us best possible visualisation and information, we recommend that you drink at least 0.5 litre of water before your scan. If possible, please refrain from emptying your bladder just before your scan.

Our fully qualified sonographer will be able to provide you with a sneak peek of a 4D scan, if you would like a full 4D scan please book Normal/Premium 3D/4D scan separately.